The Double Fireplace Delight


So let me start off by telling you how excited I was to Stage this AMAZING property. First of all I am OBSESSED with older historic homes. Second it had previously been listed for 6 months with no offers and I LOVE a challenge. This house to most may have seemed odd, but to me its uniqueness made it seem like a rare gem. At one time this house was actually a duplex and then at some point it was converted to a single family home. However it was now left with a double fireplace and with this house being on the small side, two livings connected by a fireplace was just an awkward layout in most potential buyers opinions. As a Stager my job is to create a space that buyers can see and want themselves to live in. To do this I need to look at the area, house style, and price point and decide what type of buyer I am staging to impress. With this house I envisioned either a young couple or single first time homebuyer being the main buyers for this home. Since this house has two main entries the realtor and I decided to declare the side entry by driveway the main entrance into home. This now left the front room of the house as less of a focal point and was clear to me needed to be a large cozy office for buyer that I envisioned living there.


Décor Style: This house was a 1920’s bungalow so I chose to keep the style simple and classic with a stylish modern farmhouse element. I kept all the colors neutral to help create a calm relaxing environment. Tip: When in doubt on staging always keep it neutral to appeal to all buyers.


Favorite Items: Hands down my favorite items were the ghost chairs in the dining room. I paired the more modern chairs with a classic pedestal table, which was perfect for the space and made the space feel very open and airy with a sophisticated feel. My second favorite was basically the entire office area. Seriously, from the modern relaxing chair with leather pouf to the cowhide rug under the industrial style desk, I could not have loved this room more. The art for this space was really fun and in my opinion fitting for Oklahoma, I found two blue print style windmill printables off Etsy and had them printed as engineer prints at Staples.


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  1. LeAnne
    October 3, 2017 / 5:48 pm

    Love this! We had a double sided fireplace in our last house and I miss it!!

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