Why Every Mom Needs Girl Time ….My Trip to Willamette Valley!


As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently embarked on a girl’s trip to  Willamette Valley, Oregon. This trip was everything this mom needed. As a mom I feel like it is important for my sanity to have “girl time”. In my opinion weather you are having girl talk and a glass of wine (mom juice) for an hour once or twice a month with a friend or the rare girls get away, taking time for yourself is so important and key to your mental health and helping you to be a better parent, (I am not a Dr, just a mom and this helps me so take it for what it is) With all that being said here on the dets on my recent trip and why you and your girlfriends need to go there.

Destination: Carlton, Oregon/Willamette Valley, other wise known as Oregon’s wine country, Hold on Napa Valley, this place is going to you give a run for your money. Carlton,Oregon is about 60 miles south of Portland, I listed miles over time because traffic wasn’t our friend driving there from the airport. Thank goodness we had our trusty rental van Berta to get us there. I have never owned a van but I do now understand why so many mom’s do, so flipping roomy!!

Carlton Farmhouse, how we got so lucky to find this gem, to stay in, I have no idea. This house was literally a Fixer Upper fans dream. In fact it was so awesome it earned itself its own blog post. See previous post: Farmhouse Design Inspiration, for all the details!


What to do: Drink lots of wine, er mom juice (insert laughing emoji ). We had the privilege of getting to tour four amazing wineries. Saffron Fields, Solena, Fairsing Vineyard and Soter Vineyards. All were very different in their atmosphere’s but all so gorgeous and had no shortage of wine to help this mom relax and get a much needed breather. We also had the privilege to tour these wineries in style by being chaffered by the amazing Pinot Car. We had the best driver Shawn, seriously so funny, he went and picked up our lunch (food is definitely a must on wine tours) and had no problem taking group pictures for us! Because you have to have pictures to look back on later to provide daydreaming visuals while your kids are fighting. Pinot Car actually planned and put together our tour to make sure we had a stellar time. Hahaha, yup I said stellar,  mom’s can still use that word right?? Also mom’s have to be safe so thank you Pinot Car for taking such good care of us,  by ensuring that we were able to tour the wineries without worrying about driving after.

Look how pretty our Pinot Car is by the grape vines!


Even tho I consider myself kinda a wine connoisseur, (just kidding I seriously drink wine from a box) one can only drink so much.

What else to do: Load up in Berta our rental van and drive about an hour and a half and tour the coast. Wow, let me tell you I had no idea just how gorgeous it would be. It was all so beautiful, but being able to drive (and get stuck) up on the beach at Cape Kiwanda to watch the sunset was something I will never forget.

So mom’s are you ready to grab your best friends and get the heck out of dodge and go to Oregon?! Do it, trust me, you won’t regret it. Remember, mom’s need breaks too, so if you cant take a trip, take an hour and meet your girl friend for coffee, get a pedicure, do a 5 min at home mud mask, whatever just don’t forget about you, because how can you set the Stage for your life if you don’t take time to take care of yourself.

Our stay at Lifestyle Properties was partially comped. Pinot Car was sponsored. All ideas are my own and 100% honest review.

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