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A few weeks ago my girlfriends and I embarked on a truly unforgettable trip to Oregon, to be exact Willamette Valley, wine country! When we were first planning our trip we looked into several unique options but ultimately decided that the place that best met our needs was a fully restored farmhouse in Carlton, Oregon.  This house had everything that I had ever envisioned a perfect farmhouse having.  In case anyone is contemplating restoring their own farmhouse, here are what I consider are the must haves to include and this house has them all!!

1.My dream farmhouse would most certainly be white (duh), and would of course have a huge front porch! To me this is a serious no brainer. I mean, I have to have somewhere to be able to sit and drink sweet tea or wine (most likely wine, for sure) and watch the sunrise while my husband milked our cows (bahahaha). Also, an added bonus would be a gorgeous outdoor dining area to be able to eat (and drink more wine of course) with friends and family.

2. No farmhouse of mine would be without beautiful hardwood floors and either shiplap or some reclaimed wood along the walls. Want to step up your game? Carry the reclaimed wood onto the ceiling for even more fabulousness!

3. An amazing bathroom with a huge soaking tub is also a top requirement. Like for real, my hubby is crazy if he thinks my dream farmhouse will not have this, BECAUSE IT HAS TO OR I WILL FLIP MY LID. This is seriously a deal breaker for me, I mean a girl has to have a place to relax and er drink wine (I am starting to sense a theme with my life here).

4. A beautiful kitchen (for me to burn food in) and dining space (to enjoy take out in, if needed).  If you know me at all, you know I am a terrible cook and also I just don’t enjoy it at all. However my husband swears in our wedding vows I promised him that I would, so I try. I do believe that a beautiful kitchen complete with perfect open shelving would increase my chances of cooking and it actually being edible. Just saying…

5. Last but not least a perfect farmhouse has to have the details! Glass chandeliers, a beautiful staircase, brick accent walls, cozy fireplaces and fun vintage art and accessories. Because we all know it’s the details that make the house.

If anyone’s hubby is like mine and says my dream is in no way shape or form happening (ugh rude), you need to do the next best thing and make the trip to Oregon and stay at the Carlton Farmhouse, you will definitely not regret it or the wine!! It is the Willamette Valley after all.

Property provided by Lifestyle Properties/Oregon

Our stay at Carlton Farmhouse was partially comped, however opinions are all my own.

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